Lesson Plans for High School Science Teachers

Our Nervous System

B4T - Nervous SystemThe human body has its own cool electrical grid. It’s how we sense the world around us.

Our nerves bring information from all over our body to our brain and from there we’re able to make a decision about how to react.






Some cool facts about the nervous system are:

  • The spinal cord is the largest nerve in our body and is the bridge from the rest of the body’s nerves to the brain.
  • How many nerves do we have? Many millions! Every part of our body has nerves.
  • An electrical impulse and nerve endings are the start of a “feeling”. From there the impulse is sent through the nerve(via it’s nerve fiber) and on to the next nerve until it reaches the brain.
  • Ever have that numb feeling in your legs from sitting down too long? It’s because you squashed a nerve. Nerves can’t carry signals when they’re squashed. Once you stand up, the nerves can start sending signals again. These signals starting up again often cause a tingling sensation.

Author: Alan