Lesson Plans for High School Science Teachers

Meet Tracy

Tracy - Biology4TeachersI have been teaching for 21 years and find that I like a balanced classroom with teacher driven instruction coupled with student exploration. Currently, I am teaching anatomy and physiology at the high school level and also biology. I moonlight at the local community college and have taught Biology for majors, Environmental Biology and also Anatomy and Physiology. I teach at a Title 1 school in Mesa, Arizona and am very well versed in teaching a diverse group of students. I have experience teaching ESL students, students with an IEP as well as high-level learners that are college bound.

From my years of experience, I have learned what works best for me. With support from my principal, I have shared my teaching style with many student teachers. I have learned that students have relatively short attention spans and for this reason, I have made my PowerPoints shorter in length but dense with information on each slide. My PowerPoints are visually appealing with explained captions and a variety of pictures, language and video links to hold their attention while I explain the slide’s content. I tend to gear each day’s lesson to only 12 slides followed by an enrichment activity for closure of the day’s lesson.

BS of Science in Biology from Arizona State University and a Master’s of Education from Arizona State University. Currently, I am in the research phase of a second Master’s in Applied Science from the University of Arizona.