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Finding The Right Tutor For Your Child With ADHD: Tips For Uncovering The Right Match

Many students struggle in school, and for those who are dealing with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), the struggles can become overwhelming. Oftentimes parents will look into getting a tutor for their child, and in many situations, this can be a very helpful step. However, it can be tricky to find just the right tutor, especially when there some extra learning challenges like ADHD involved.

Talk with your child about the idea of tutoring and consider their needs

Tutoring for ChildrenBay Area Parent suggests that before setting anything up with a tutor, it is wise for parents to talk with their child and get them on board with the idea. Kids may initially be apprehensive about the idea of having a tutor, so talk them through why you think it would help and reinforce how it can make some of their academic challenges feel less frustrating.

There are many different types of tutoring available, from private tutors to online services, centers, and group instruction. You will want to consider what type of setting will work best for your child, especially when there is ADHD involved. Be sure to check into the background of any tutor you are considering to ensure that they are qualified to teach the subjects you need.

Ask for referrals from school and fellow parents, and look for experience with kids like yours

Referrals can be the best place to start when you are searching for a tutor for your child, and Reading Rockets suggests asking your child’s teacher and others at school for recommendations. Other parents may have suggestions as well, and local newspapers and magazines will likely have some ads you can sort through too.

It is also important to make sure any tutor you consider has experience working with children the age of your child, and when there is ADHD involved, look for someone specifically experienced with kids with similar challenges. Be sure to get a feel for the teaching style of the tutor and make sure that the tutor’s approach and personality will be a fit for your child.

Take the time to find the right fit for your specific child

ADDitude Magazine suggests arranging a meeting between your child and the potential tutor before making a commitment, and see if you can schedule a sample session to evaluate the fit. Tutoring can get expensive, especially if you go with a one-on-one private tutor, so be sure to evaluate all of the options and check to see if your school or library offer any tutoring options as well.

The right tutor can help develop the skills that help kids make good decisions and improve not only their academic performance, but their time management and organizational skills as well. Help Guide suggests that a little creativity and planning can have a big impact in helping kids with ADHD succeed academically, and looking for a tutor who can think outside box a bit can go a long way toward forming a successful partnership.

Accomplishing academic goals is important, but developing life skills for making healthy decisions is critical during these school-aged years too. Every parent wants their child to head down the right path in life, and sometimes, bringing a tutor into the mix to help your child with their academics can be just the catalyst needed to make solid progress in school.

There are many different types of tutors available, but taking the time to find the right person for your child, especially one dealing with ADHD, will be worth the effort. Check with your child’s school and ask other parents for recommendations, and evaluate what type of tutoring will suit your child best. Once you find the right fit, your will likely see your student flourish and experience significant academic successes and this will help them to develop life skills to make healthy decisions as they move forward in life.

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Author: Jenny Wise

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